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mysticallydark I didn't do that :)
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Prewtaaayy loong but definitely worth it.. take a look ;>


The line of divergence is merely thin Because the change is within my heart and not my skin The Past two months have changed me as a person Yes, Martin Luther King, I too have a dream and a vision

My brain is like a factory, and certainly I am one billionaire The Silicon Valley of conceptualization, my august pleasure to share Like mine your notions as well deserve no prison Fortified by your overthinking mind, Yes, I too have been there

Where incertitude and inhibition takes my breath away And an alien’s mind tyrannizes my way Bolting from challenges, spineless to face The fear of failure reigns over my brain

And the glamorous goose bumps keep shackling my heart to pound God Why, why me and not my neighbor whose face has not even a streak of frown? I am lost lord; do not even have aspiration in my heart Guide me, and bring some light in the dark

But when I woke up, it was day already, why was I excavating for darkness? When it was safe camouflaged behind that metal wired gate Now night is what I seek, for its fanatical enough to make me please

Now only my own flabbergasting potential takes my breath away And my subconscious brain cells only choose what I shall say I cwtch challenges to come and face me But I guess now they are petrified and afraid

Utter no lies, no deep dark secrets Don’t skedaddle from that black bullet Toss away the blanket of betrayal I have no room for your thick velvety layer

Now those glamorous goose bumps make me tickle Yet my neighbor has still no streak of frown above her freckles Indeed everyone has a spiel of their own, So it wouldn’t jeopardize any inches to make them feel like home

I thank you omnipotent almighty god For the sprauchling blocks have made me what I am today Now the veridical me and veracity salutes my pathway Because fear is way beyond me I thrive to learn, inspire and innovate

For my brain will not hit the snooze button until I make some difference And the heart is eagerly anticipated to plan a vacation All thanks to Corona for making me believe But now please go pack your bags, your departure is not far to be seen

Is the alteration of my mind adequate or negligent? I would rather not judge Because the journey of life is just enough

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