Weird facts about me
Weird facts 
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mysterygirl160 Hey there! ❤
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lol i'm going insane

Weird facts about me


1) i joined Commaful with my real name, but people couldn't pronounce it so I changed it to Tanya

2) I was lazy to read what Commaful is about... I thought it's an article writing place that's why I chose this username later I realised it's poetry platform

3) my first post got reported for no reason at all ! the reporter said it promotes black lives ....duh it was TEA and COFFEE

4) I scrolled so below that I saw @commaful's first post ( was math lecture )

5) i do not have any drafts

6) before even searching friends, or at least from Asia or India, I started searching people from Germany

7) i started reading posts because some person told me I can't do anything

8) I was once mistaken for being @alanad (like what ?! ) the person messaged me something like hey Alana do you think you can help me write poems.. he blocked me when I said I'm Tanya

9) commaful is the first site I ever made account on ...

10) i have never reported or blocked creepy people or any content

11) Commaful wouldn't accept only mysterygirl... so the 160 is atomic mass of iron oxide which my teacher was speaking while I created the account


idk why I am posting this but still

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