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mysterygirl160 Hey there! ❤
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@altruistic 's contest entry !!

Sista !!

For the contest arranged by : @altruistic And the prompt I've chosen is : 4) Someone whom you are missing now...

And the person I'm missing is my different-blooded sista , S !! She doesn't use Commaful [in spite of me forcing her] She is my bestie !!!

Dear S , here's a poem I'm dedicating to you.....

As years go day by day, I've travelled along life's highway, I've been up, And I've been down Sometimes just went round & round .....

There are many times when I couldn't make through, If I hadn't been fortunate enough to have a friend like you, I would have locked myself and cried for years.....

You're my bestie forever, who lets me be 'me' who lets me see the truth of the life You're my bestie, whom I care for and also share for ..........

If you fall, I'll pick you up... [ Only once I stop laughing ]

I still remember us meeting for the first with the first & honest thought that came to our minds was : " She won't be intelligent , I tell you . "

Destiny, had decided for us, already... [ That's why we had pushed away other intelligents away xD ]

I want to tell you that I need you to be with me and slap me for not studying, so that I can slap you later for nothing ....

I miss you ! Your bestie, @mysterygirl160

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