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mysterygirl160 Hey there! ❤
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Imperfectly Perfect

hey Commaful ! here are some idk-if-they-are-mean- comments this person messaged me to tell it.

she dared me to post them here if I don't fear losing followers. Here I am buddy !

1) more shoutouts than posts --> I am here to read, I cleared that in lot of my posts

2) very very bad poems --> unfollow & don't read

3) poor sense of humour --> ikr xD

4) why do you like your own posts ? --> we like when we LIKE the posts. And I like what I write.

5) 2 posts in a week , why ? --> ~ i don't have time ~ i always inform you all when I am going offline ~ you're free to unfollow ( many have unfollowed for the same reason )

6) do a face reveal . You will gain more followers. --> ~ this is not IG , people will follow me if they like my poetry, my face has nothing to do with it. ~ to do a face reveal is my choice

7) so less followers --> I am not here to gain followers or popularity. If you deserve, you win , or you lose.

8) what kind of person are you ? You don't like hollywood songs ?! --> I have rights to choose dear

9) your vocabulary is poor --> ikr ! I am trying to expand. Wanna help ?

10) my bad to have had a collab with you --> ....

11) I am unfollowing you & blocking you --> very well !

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