Hello Newbies !
Hello Newbies ! fast stories

mysterygirl160 Hey there! ❤
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Contest for the first time !

Hello Newbies !

So hey everyone ! I'm organising a contest for the first time , with the help of @blackisbeauty !

And it's not like a normal contest because it's only for the N E W B I E S

'Cause they too need some support & a contest to gain their popularity ....

And the prompt is What you think, Is what you become

And you need to submit it by tomorrow , 14 July, 2020 [ Tuesday ] 11:00 pm , IST

Limit is 200 words , And , tag : MIND

And the juries are , @blackisbeauty @mysterygirl160 @JBO @est

So , if you are new to Commaful , pen down you amazing thoughts following the prompt , the limits and other things and submit the link in the comments' section....

And in case you have a newbie friend , tell this to him / her ....

And if you're the winner , there will be a post congratulating you . So good luck !

Be quick ! The clock is ticking ....

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