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mysterygirl160 Hey there! ❤
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Let me know your input on this & your recommendations for users and posts that are awesome.

Choice Of Readers

Hi all . I just wanna tell you why I actually joined Commaful.

I love reading & my main motive was that I could read amazing stories and poems.

But all your love & support carried me aback. That's when I started writing.

But now, I'm going with a hectic schedule so I'm gonna stop writing. It takes a lot of time to type & search for best pics , format the slides & etc etc.

I may be posting in a while but I'm gonna continue my journey to read .

I might also be creating a post called " Choice of Readers " every week.

In this post, I'll be sharing with you some awesome posts that are worth reading. But I can't do it alone. That's where you enter.

You can PM me anytime & tell me any user's post that you felt awesome. I'll be recommending it too in my post. Feel free to flow my PMs with your recommendations.

You might think that what's the need for this ? The need is simple. There are many awesome writers , who are not acknowledged. I have seen many of them and that's the ultimate reason.

The person getting this chance can be a newbie or a Commaful star. Not all people are lucky to be acknowledged.

You can PM me on Commaful or on Discord. My Discord ID is Crazy_Soul#0696

Also , you can be a jury. You can PM me & we will arrange for awesome contests with many others once in a while or so. Prompt , winners , other juries will all be yours !!

I hope I'm going right by making this decision. I'll be waiting anytime for your recommendations. But do not post it publicly as there can be a disappointment between users who do not support your decision.

I'll be also tagging all posts " Choice of Readers " so you can go back anytime and read it out.

Feel free to lemme know your opinion on this post :) Also shout out this post so all the users can express their choices .

Bye, Tanya.

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