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mysterygirl160 Hey there! ❤
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Besties !!!


Preferring S I L E N C E over the C O N V E R S A T I O N ;

Lifting the S P I R I T S with a little S M I L E ;

Guiding you through when you need them the most

Imposing silly promises Just for the fun

Bringing over the treasure Even if you ask just for a gift ....

Beaming with C R A Z I N E S S bringing instantly the H A P P I N E S S

Filling your life with Joy

Filling your life with Joy Grace

Filling your life with Joy Grace and

Filling your life with Joy Grace and Beauty !

Yeah , you're right. It is indeed a best friend....

Who stays besides you ; Even when the world is upside down

She is a best friend , who doesn't know how to control her craziness ..

She is a bestie who can't be forgotten all my life.... I miss her (due to the lockdown , obviously)

Thanks for reading ! Especially dedicated to @thestoryteller and the other one , who lives kms' away from me :( ..... Miss you girls !!

Thanks !!

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