Why do I stay
Why do I stay  broken#friendship#hurt#deep#true stories
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mystery123 my poems are on real events and emotion
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Friendships are great but not all friendships are good. some are toxic to be in ........ their are some behind scenes no one really gets to see

Why do I stay

I was always their for you I really was

I always put you first even tho I was always last on your list

I always defended you even when you were in the wrong even tho u talked behind my back

I’ve called you my best friend even tho u never called me that

I was always proud of you in anything you did and supported you even tho you always shot me down

I was always up to hang out even when you called to cancel because something popped up mean while you were with your other friends hanging out

I stood by your side even tho you never stood by mine

I always listen to you even tho when I tried to have you listen you always ignored me

I tried so hard to make you apart of my life even tho you didn’t care

But honestly you were never my friend I was only your toy when your real friends were busy you would pick me up and start playing with me

But why do I stay with someone who doesn’t respect me is it cause I’m weak is it cause I want to see the good I don’t know and probably will never know

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