Whispers and shadows
Whispers and shadows story stories
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mysterioushuman words are magic when properly arranged.
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an old work of mine that was left unpublished and unfinished still unfinished but oh well enjoy

Whispers and shadows

by mysterioushuman

she was silent, silent as the cold empty room before her. She cries but no one cares, she paints her demons within a cry for help is what they are not art as they say.

she drowns in her mind but is always so close to leave her mind. she manages to catch herself before being submerged. the shadow waits at her bedside until it she drown so he can take her mind.

she paints for her own sanity her lifeline is what it is but they are always sold by her people, her people who wear white and force pills down your throat so you can get 'BeTteR'. DOES IT HELP?

. . . ~ mysterioushuman

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