'I'm sorry' by me (Bad Vibes Forever)
'I'm sorry' by me (Bad Vibes Forever) stories

myownthoughtsCommunity member
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This maybe cliché but everyday people do go through this stuff or somewhat relate to it. I'm just expressing my own thoughts on paper.

'I'm sorry' by me (Bad Vibes Forever)

I’m sorry for being like this

Afraid, lost and a coward

I’m sorry for what I didn’t do

Never really knew how to move forward

I had so many opportunities

But I always seem to mess it up

There’s so many things wrong with me

Anything I try for, I always fuck it up

I regret that I didn’t try enough

And that I pushed you away

Now I’m all sad and miserable

Literally every fucking day

All I can do is say sorry

I hope someday you’ll understand

That I’m always going to be broken

And it is all who I am

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