I am not ready
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Ready: waiting and prepared to act.

I am not ready

by milenamacuglia

I am not ready to leave you

I am not ready to be alone again

Not ready to feel so alone when surrounded by people who don't care at all

Not ready to feel as tough I can't stand on my own because I am not strong enough

I know I am not strong enough

But with you, I feel like I can do anything I want

With you, it's not so hard to live, to keep on going even tough it feels like it's not worth it

You make me a better person, but a incomplete one

I need to stand on my own two feet and face the world

And I am scared of being consumed by it

I need to learn some things only bad experiences teach

I don't want to, but need to let you go

And make my own way, even tough I don't feel ready.

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