Despair and Delight

             Despair and Delight change stories

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From winter to spring, from despair to delight, words are put together to form a poem.

Despair and Delight

Through this sea of despair I drift

Along with many others

Slowly floating down

As though we are snow

Fluttering lightly

With streams of hope

Only to inevitably fall

Right back down to the ground

Soon we will disappear

Unknown to many others

But to some

We will remain

The bitter winds

The cold earth

But with darkness

There comes light

The pretty snow

Fluttering down lightly

Gliding gracefully

Before finally settling on the ground

But with winter

There will always be spring

As long as the Earth and Sun remains

The seasons will change

Beautiful flowers

Warm breezes

But within this

The bitterness lingers

The seasons will change


They will not stop

It’s an endless cycle

With each season

Comes new suffering

But also new hope and lives

A touch of bitterness and warmth in each

That despair that you float through

Will eventually change to happiness

Even if it feels like it’ll never end

It will, because the seasons keep changing

They won’t stop

And for that

We will live

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