Love, A Perspective

Love, A Perspective prose stories

mymuseinthefog "Do what thou wilt."
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A poem about old feelings.

By: Mymuseinthefog

Love, A Perspective

When I was a child, playing under the trees. I once asked a sailor who sailed the seven seas, "What is love?" I implored. The sailor smiled, "It can be a safe harbour Or a tempest that can wash you ashore."

A few years passed. A child I was no more, I once asked an old lady, who told me tales of yore. "What is love," I inquired. The lady laughed, "It can be Paradise with all its bliss, Or Hell with all of its fire."

Years went by, and I found my first love. A woman with first two names, a gift from above. And as the days went by, Her love for me grew cold, "What is love?" I asked. She replied, "It can be a real treasure or fool's gold."

And now, In my waking hours or in my deepest slumber. "What is love?" I asked myself, and all along I knew the answer. "A reprieve, or a lifetime in Elysium forever."

Penned by Mymuseinthefog

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