Late night thoughts...
Late night thoughts... #latenightthoughts #selfloved #mentalhealth #me stories

myleenbaga what do you think before you sleep?
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Have you ever felt so lost? Like you are in your comfort zone but you don't feel you! Late night thoughts give me access to myself when I am consume with pain, heartache and misery of my 20s.

Late night thoughts...

Moved to a different city... Leaving everything behind the pain, the past and the people.

Slowly, Time heals the pain, Pain turn to scar, Scar that is carved deep within your heart. Scar that became a life changing lesson.

Slowly, Your rediscovering yourself. Slowly, Learning to love yourself again. Slowly, Your finding happiness again. Slowly, Your finding your purpose in life again.

Your turning to this amazing person you never thought exist. Your slowly building your life again in this unfamiliar environment. Slowly, You are becoming you again!

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