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myhiraeth penguins deserve flying rights
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How do we live when we were once plantations? (Also not my best work)

Once were

How do we live

When we once were the soil

How do we live

When all we do is recoil

Truth Isn't Our Goal

Just To Start Another War

But In Truth That Is

All We Truly Adore

Dried mint leaves

Cotton plantations stretching for eternity

Corn reaching for the sky

Strawberries on the ground living their lives in harmony

Sugarcane dripping with kindness

Coffee grown with its own kind of finesse

Tea leaves singing in pure delight

Forest trees slicing the air with their own kind of scent

We were once the source of this nature

Humankind was once the dirt

Supplying for what is now plantations

But now nature is scared of us

That's why we're there only reason for alert

We were once the dirt Part of the earth But now all we do Is destroy what was given birth -Raeth(nothing fancy today) ❤

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