Words of Strength
Words of Strength hope stories

myforsakenbeing Community member
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Life brings deception and evil. And Life provides us with a way to defeat it.

Words of Strength

The hardships you go through The powers of deception that attack you

The tentative string that keeps you in place Is close to becoming erased

I see so much, from the small to the big The things I see you do Amazing, Beautiful things

Now it is all close to falling downwards

Spiraling down like a staircase Down to the gutter where hope fades The lifeless valley where hate lays Waiting for victims to fall into its gaze

You attempt to break free from the snare The lies that trap you there

The strength inside you rising up Destroying the bonds that hold you there

The beauty you bring to this earth Is so much more powerful than all of us can conceive So much more beautiful than physical beauty That no one can't quite believe.

You make the words fly off the page And the lives you show me don't seem to age

The lazy beast that waits till we are weak Cannot destroy the beauty you speak

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