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Should I ask him??

The Thought

The thought of you and me runs across my brain

Will it ever be something more?

Or is it just a fantasy in my mind

I see the way you look at me

But does it mean anything?

Do you feel the same way?

Or am I just dreaming

I see you everywhere

I watch you from a distant

Do you see me looking at you?

Do you think I'm pretty?

Do you think we'll ever date?

Do you want to be mine?

I ask myself quietly

Knowing you won't answer

I like how I have to look up just to make eye contact

Are my eyes pretty?

I want to ask you but it will seem weird

Just ask me already

Or should I just ask you?

Will you say yes if I ask?

Please don't break my heart

I just like everything you do

Do you notice me?

Do you notice I always try to get your attention?

Do you notice that I always smile when I'm near you?

Do you like me too?

Do you want to be with me?

Do I make you nervous?

Because you make me nervous

Can I hold your heart?

Or just your hand?

Am I cool enough to hang with you around your friends?

Do you think they notice me staring at you?

Just ask me

If you say no I will be devastated

But I'll get over you

Do you think of me?

Or am I just a thought?

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