The Happy Girl
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She is happy and friendly, People say every day.
By Abigail Hetherington Source: https://www.familyfriendp...

The Happy Girl

by Abigail Hetherington

She is happy and friendly,

People say every day.

Shy but happy,

And loving, they say.

But if they looked closer,

Into her eyes,

They would see all the pain,

The pain she lives through and hides.

Why can't they see into

The poor girl's soul?

The girl who suffers bullying

But no one is told.

She hides it well,

Never tells anyone.

But when no one is there,

She lets the tears run.

She cries and screams,

All day and all night.

But if someone is there,

She hides it in fright.

No one knows the pain,

Because of her mask.

She lives through each day,

Impossible tasks.

She hopes that soon

She will be OK.

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