Forbidden Love
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Forbidden Love? Why do you have to be forbidden?

Forbidden Love

Forbidden Love?

Why do you have to be forbidden?

Why does age matter?

Why can't I have you?

Is it because of age?





Or is it simply because of the way things are?

Why do you have to be forbidden?

Why can't you tell me how you feel?

Just run up to me and say you like me too.

I had a small habit of watching you.

But now it's growing stronger than ever.

I wish I could talk to you but what will my family think?

Will they think I'm a disgrace?



Whatever they think I don't care.

Am I a fool to drop everything for you?

Just for one silly crush.

When I see you I get all woozy.

Like I can't even look you in the eye with a straight face.

I'm sure we will meet soon one day, maybe when I turn 18?

Or even when I'm older?

I just hope you won't forget about me.

You smiled today and looked me in the eye.

I tried to keep my posture but couldn't.

I wonder do you notice me?

Do you notice me when I sit outside waiting for you to come home?

Waiting for the time you always ride your dirt bike?

Or just waiting for you to sit in the swing on your porch?

Do you notice when I smile ridiculously big every time I see you?

Do I ever cross your mind?

Do you ever do the things you do just to make me look?

To make me smile?

To make me think about you?

Or to let me know a sign that you like me?

Forbidden Love?

Why do you have to be so damn forbidden?

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