Battle Within Myself
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Have you ever sat up at night And just let your barrier down?
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Battle Within Myself

by Kristin Lore

Have you ever sat up at night

And just let your barrier down?

Brick by brick.

I've sat in silence and cried

Plenty of times.

I've let it defeat me,

Made me think I'm worthless,

I let the burden of my thoughts get to me

Like safety pins and razors.

I regret it.

Now I've got the scars.

They remind me

Of how the scarlet red trickled down my skin.

I regret the pleasure it gave me,

How I felt I needed it to happen.

I regret that I let my family and friends

Down. Discover. Drown in pain.

All because...

I let the anxiety and wretchedness reach me.

I let it control me...

The pain, the pleasure.

It gave me peace.

Makes me cringe.

The thoughts I think

Overtake me sometimes.


I like to go back

To the feelings,

To the way it was cold against my skin.


I think I'm good enough to stop,

But something reminds me

I'm not.

Just sometimes

I'd like to end it all...

Only sometimes.

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