Intimate Shadow-part1-To Ego
Intimate Shadow-part1-To Ego lo ve stories

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Have you ever tried talking to your egoic self as to a separate individual? Well...that's how it worked out for me...

Intimate Shadow-part1-To Ego

You gave me a gift, now you want to brush off the dust of my butterfly wings.

I gave you life, that perfumes the tears with joy, why dont you grasp it..

Do not wait for each time when im not watchful, to try to enchant my illusions.

Remember, who conquered the stars, only to show that you too can be warmed.

You love to be in darkness, I created a meaning for it... to unite us in silence.

We turned your battlefield into the pride of all Gods, a lifegiving garden.

And yet, you keep waiting, the thirst doesn't seem to unclench your desire.

To take me again to your feist, count the scars on my feet made by walking on fire.

Your dedication inspires me, your passion enhances my senses.

Like a little boy you are hurting me, trying to show in despair that you too have feelings.

You taught me how to take punches, I showed you how to beg on your knees for forgivenes.

And yet, you keep waiting, for me to acknowledge your tears.

Hear me my beautiful, listen thru the veil of our forgetfulness.

Our journey together will come to an end, a secret that nobody told you before.

For I am a child of the All, like a travelling song I am always where I belong.

And you are a part of my earthly possessions, to take you with me I cannot.

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