The Battles We’re Facing
The Battles We’re Facing inspirational stories

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fight on. fight on.

The Battles We’re Facing

every soul is in a battle

an alcoholic who lost his wife in a car accident

a daughter who got raped but was too scared to say so

a boy who got bullied because he was gay

or even a girl, whose life seems to be perfect, but she’s shattering inside every second of the day

everyone’s struggling

everyone’s dying inside, some just try to cover it up

there is no one who’s truly free from worries there is no one without any fears

you may feel like you’re alone suffering, depressed, crumbling, dying but everyone else is facing the same.

you’re not alone in this battle.

you are a soldier. and so are the people around you.

fight on. you have to fight on.

this is a battle you can’t lose.

Keep trying.

and one day,

this man just might start to throw away his drinking habits and he might just move on

this daughter might just muster up her courage and talk to her mom, her dad, a psychiatrist and soon enough, she’ll heal.

the bullied boy might just confront them and yell to the whole world that he’s gay with pride the suicidal high schooler, the man who lost his job, the grade schooler with a dead best friend;

All of them, will win this battle

So you too,

shall fight on.

You too,

shall win your battle.

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