I don't want to miss you. But I do.
I don't want to miss you. 

But I do. ex-love stories

myatthuzarkyaw I'm fine. Yea really. I'm fine.
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A very emotional piece about love.

Grab your tissues beforehand.

I don't want to miss you. But I do.

I hate referring to the times we spent together as "memories" Because that reminds me that

they're over.

I don't want to glance up at the stars and wish for you to come back home.

Because that makes me realize that you'll never come back. you're gone forever

Let us return to the fields of daisy, where you'd lay your lips on mine as the sun glows in your eyes

Let us return to the evening summer beaches, where the two of us stare at the rolling navy waves and then into each others' eyes

Let us return to the rain on your windowpane. You laying me on your shoulder because I was scared of thunder

but let's not return to winter. because I can't stand hearing the sirens and I can't stand seeing you get dragged into some ambulance as your chest bleeds

I can't stand waiting in the emergency room I can't stand crying as the doctor comes in I can't stand watching you die!

darling, I love you. Can you hear me from above? I love you.

could you come back?





all those seasons yet the one with you doesn't seem to be coming along

please come back

I don't want to miss you. But I miss you.

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