Every Morning
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myatthuzarkyaw I'm fine. Yea really. I'm fine.
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all about self hate, mostly body image I guess.

Every Morning

Every morning, when I stare at my reflection in the mirror, bursting flames of self-hate start to engulf me.

"Why am I not pretty enough?

Why do I look so anoxeric?

Why don't I have curves like the other girls?

Why am I not presentable, why am I so ugly?"

These deafening questions holler at me in my head as I kept brushing my hair for the hundredth time.

I was shedding a few tears, but it felt like I was weeping an entire ocean.

The clock was ticking; the hour hand reaching seven.

I was going to be late, but who cares about being punctual when you look like a dying rat?

And as I tucked in that filmsy chunk of boring charcoal hair, I forced a smile and said:

“I guess I’ll just never be good enough”

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