29/6/18 - a real low point
29/6/18 - a real low point sad stories

my_pathway It's just me, making sense of life.
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a distressing ramble. I still disagree with myself for posting this stuff, but I fell I need to.

29/6/18 - a real low point

I can't do this anymore I can't I have no energy I can't think I can't remember I can't speak I can't do anything but I feel I need to get away I need to go I just want it to stop I can't stay like this normally it's not this bad and I would have episodes but it wouldn't run into school or home and now even brushing my teeth or eating or walking is such an effort

and my mum is so so so concerned and I want to talk to her and I need her to know i'll be ok but it's so scary and all I can think of is nothing I can't think straight and I just need to lie down I give up I give up I feel the bile in my throat and my stomach hurts and my head hurts and my emotions hurt buts that's what I can't understand that's what I can't understand I can't

what will it be like when exams are over? I can't sleep.

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