Everyday i miss you.
Everyday i miss you. sad stories

my_headthoughts i write to make room for more thoughts
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A laugh formed from a memory turns into a cry. I'd give anything to have that back, but now you don't reply....

(He couldn't understand why i thought so much of him. It stressed him out so he pushed me away. I miss him everyday)

Everyday i miss you.

A laugh formed from a memory turns into a cry

I'd give anything to have that back but now you don't reply

I miss our conversations, they always made me smile

I could talk to you for hours, we've not done that in a while

I still read through our messages, i know that sounds so sad

But i can't help myself, remembering how much you made me laugh

Even at your lowest, you'd pull me up from mine

You'd cheer me up and tell me everything would be just fine

I hope some day we'll get that back, for now you work on you

Learn to love yourself, so you can start to see you how i do.

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