Why couldn't it be easy...?
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Chapters 4 & 5 of my fanfiction, "Why couldn't it be easy...?"

Why couldn't it be easy...?

x Chapter 4: Truly a surprise x

It's been a few months now, and Sapnap's grades have skyrocketed. He went from F's and D's to B's C's and even a few A's!

He doesn't know this yet, though, as he's receiving his report card only later today. Let's see what he's up to.

"Dude, tell me already!" Dream whined.

"I already told you no."

"Pleaseeeee? I won't tell anyone, I promise!"

"Ugh!" He growled. "Will you quit bugging me if I tell you?" Sapnap finally cracked.

Dream nodded his head vigorously. "Mhmm! Now tell meee!"

Dream had been asking Sapnap all week who his crush was, and hadn't stopped. It was quite annoying.

"Fine." He dragged Dream to an empty hallway, not wanting anyone else to overhear. "And you promised not to tell anyone?"

"Yess, now tell me!" He was getting impatient.

"... I like Karl, okay?"

"You like KARL?" He yelled, surprised.

"Shut up!" He said, covering his friend's mouth. "I don't need anyone else knowing, geez."

"Sorry. I just- you like him? Mr. Pretty boy? The snob?"

"Hey, he's not as bad as people say. He's actually quite kind and has humility, unlike what you've heard."

"... I'll take your word for it. But now that I know this, you have to spill all the tea."

"Like what?" Sapnap inquired.

"Why do you like him? And why didn't you tell me you liked boys! I'm your best friend."

"I... I was just scared, okay? But uhm, I like him because... oh, his smile. His smile makes my day.

His heart is so pure, too, and he's just so loveable!" He said, with a goofy smile on his face. His expression changed soon, though. "But, I'm sure he's straight. I mean, c'mon, he's perfect after all."

"Aw, man, don't think like that! I'm sure you'll have a chance with him. You're so cool! Anyone would be lucky to date you." He reassured his friend.

"I dunno..."

Dream gave him that 'come on, I just supported you, believe in yourself or things will happen' look.

"...I'll try."

"Good!" Dream replied, satisfied with his answer.

It was now time for his tutor session. Sapnap entered the classroom and sat down at his desk.

"Guys, listen up." Karl announced to the room. "Today I'd like to celebrate."

"...Huh? Why?"

"What for?..."

And other murmurs were spread around the room.

"Settle down, settle down now." He giggled. Sapnap thought it was cute.

"I'd like to commemorate you guys on your impressive progress. I was blown away by comparing your scores from even just a month ago."

He grabbed some papers from inside his desk and started handing them out. "Those are your final grades for this class. I'm incredibly proud of you guys."

People started going around the room, sharing their grades with their friends. Sapnap was amazed. He went from 'D, F, F, C, F' to 'B, A, D, C, A.'

Karl went up to him smiling. "I see you're happy."

"Man, you don't even know. I'm ecstatic."

"Well," he began, "I'm sure you'll be even more ecstatic to know you made the most improvement in the whole group."

"You're kidding." He said, in awe.

"I'm not. But, I am very proud of you. It's been very cool watching you grow, my friend."

Sapnap leaned back in his chair, smiling like a clown. "I can't thank you enough."

x Chapter 5: Not so perfect x

"Hey, wait up!" Karl yelled, chasing after Sapnap. Sapnap looked back, seeing an exhausted Karl running after him. He stopped, letting the other boy catch up to him.

"It seems to me you're not an athletic person?" He asked, chuckling.

"I... I never have the time too with all... all my other activities." Said Karl, through breaths.

"So you just live the perfect life as a perfect person then, huh?" Sap said, sitting down to drink some water.

Karl blushed a little. "You think I'm perfect?"

"Well duh," He said, "Everyone thinks you are. I mean, great grades, rich family, good looks - they say you have it all."

Karl sat down next to Sapnap. "I guess that can make it seem so, but it's not all rainbows and cupcakes, y'know."

Sapnap gave him an inquiring look, causing him to go on.

"You see, I may look and act perfect as you call it, but I'm not at all who you guys think I am. You see me as the perfect guy: Tall, smart, handsome, kind, straight, etc.

But in reality, not all are true, nor did they come easy." He took a breath, and continued. "Let's start with... smart.

I didn't always find learning fun or enjoyable, I just wanted to hang out with the boys, rough around a little.

But no, I was stuck inside all day learning to play the piano, doing excruciatingly hard things for a kid my age.

All I wanted to do was have fun, be a kid for once, but I never got that chance." He looked up, wondering what to say next.

"And about how I look like the perfect guy. I may dress all proper like, but do I want to? No. If I'm not required to wear a uniform, then I want to be able to express myself.

If I could choose, I'd be wearing my choice of clothes, I'd be wearing jewelry and painting my nails. But I can't because it makes me look 'not a man.'" He stood up, angry now. "Like, come on.

Who cares if I look like what you want to stereotype? Not me, that's for sure. If I dress how I want, then I'll be proud.

Furthermore, I'm not even straight, but you'll assume so anyways, because I'm supposed to be perfect. But I'm not perfect, you see? What's perfect is what you have me do, wear, say.

Not who I truly am. And I'm so so, so sick of it at this point."

He sat down again, composing himself. "Sorry, I didn't mean to get angry."

Sapnap turned towards him. "No, it's completely fine. Everyone needs to let out their emotions at least every once in a while. Besides, I think I just learned a lot about you."

He put a hand on his shoulder. "And, even though you may not be 'perfect,' you're still a really great guy."

Karl blushed, but quickly covered his face. "Th-thanks, I needed that." He replied, voice muffled through his hands. Sapnap giggled at the sight of his embarrassed friend.

"You're such a dork," he said, playfully punching the other boy.

"Hey!" Karl yelled.

They then began to rough around a bit, cat fighting if you will, until they had fallen off the bleachers and rolled down to the bottom of the hill.

They were stuck in a laughing fit for quite the while, then they finally managed to stop themselves. Karl rolled over and started to laugh at Sapnap.

"What the heck are you laughing at?"

"Y-your face! You have dirt all over it!" He explained, holding his stomach, laughing his butt off.

"Speak for yourself, pretty boy," he said, going over to his friend, wiping his face to show that he had also gotten his fair share of dirt on himself.

"Dang it!" He said, wiping his face off in a flustered mess. "Better?" He asked.

"Heh... better." Sapnap smiled.

Karl felt something in his stomach when he saw his friend smile. Almost like a kaleidoscope of butterflies had suddenly appeared.


(A/n: So yeah, a group of butterflies is called a kaleidoscope. Neat, right? Anywho, I hope that if you're still reading this, you'll stay to enjoy future chapters.

There are a few I'm quite excited for! Also, this is the first Karlnap fanfiction I've seen on here, so cool? :D Oh, one last thing. I changed the pages to teal because it was less harsh for me to read, at least.)

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