The Forest of a Mind
The Forest of a Mind route stories
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They couldn't see it, and wouldn't have believed it...

The Forest of a Mind

The forest of my mind is dark and unruly,

Though no one can see it

That's how it is, truly.

There are three paths, but which one shall I choose?

The one with vines of red, green, or blue?

"The green! It shall be kind and true, as that's what nature proves."

"Or maybe the blue! Kind as the sky, sweet as blueberry pie."

That's what they thought.

"What about the red?" Said not the voices in my head,

but I myself, wondering if it may cause dread.

"Oh no dear child, don't you see?"

"Red will do to you what it did to me."

"It will take over your thoughts and fill them with rage, you will not be yourself, yet trapped in a cage."

I still didn't understand.

"The upper hand he will have if you choose to go through."

"Now tell us dear child, will the route be green or blue?"

I do not reply, but instead am left wondering.

I am out of my trance as the thoughts start thundering,

"That's what it was all along!" I scream

On my face appears a smile as my eyes start to gleam.

The route was never green nor blue, but it was the red; for in the forest of my mind anger was the only one that was no stranger, and could be gotten through.

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