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mwin I like to ramble.
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For those people on the wrong end of a text.


Kill me now and throw away the body. Dating is a new form of torture. We no longer torture each other with conventional means. This new method of pain is self inflicted like a drug.

Chinese water torture, meet text a girl and wait for her to text you back. I'm watching the clock tick and tock, I counting the seconds in agony until she responds.

A new depth of pain is layered on in the form of false hope every time an email dings in. My apple watch teases with reminders to breathe as I reevaluate my life choices leading up to now.

If I had gotten the salmon instead of the burger would she be talking to me now? Should I not have liked her instagram post or maybe it was my status update.

I replay our last time together, what could I have missed? What did I say? What did I do?

"Its time to stand!" F you apple watch.

No more pain, I will not care whether you reply or not. I will love me until you love me.


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Love Is Hard

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