Complements Should Attract, Not The Opposites
Complements Should Attract, Not The Opposites love stories

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It's about value.

Complements Should Attract, Not The Opposites

It's about value.

You've been geeky over studies.

Your Complement busily do driving around town, and watching series once home.

An exam approaches, you both need to study.

Your Complement fetched you on a Saturday morning, and you started the app navigator directing to a new coffee corner.

You ordered a hot latte while your Complement ordered iced chocolate.

You tutored, and your Complement listened.

Your phone died. You can't open your app navigator. You're not good in directions so you have no idea on the way out from that coffee place. Your Complement said, "I got this."

After a tiring day, your Complement drops you off your home.

You needed a break so your Complement suggested new series you might want to see. You did enjoy. You felt relaxed.

Both of you began talking about the characters and plot of that series ever since.

You both planned to open a business.

You, as more of a book smart, and your Complement, being a street smart.

Your Complement managed the connections. You handled computation of prices.

You constructed the wording for ad material. Your Complement promoted on social media.

This is why complements should attract.

Opposites have different views, and when they meet half way, they do not coincide.

Complements have dissimilar personalities, but when they meet in the middle, they blend.

They grow together.

They fulfill each other's lacking area.

They put value in each other.

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