Good thing plans always work out...
Good thing plans always work out... not-as-planned stories

mv733 Community member
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That time I attempted to graduate on time but life had other plans.

Good thing plans always work out...

Tomorrow will be all the rage The plans were perfect from the start I cannot wait to play a part In all my wisdom, all my sage

My cap, my mask, my earphones in I brave the world outside at last I make it to the pupils' lair What’s this? Have I forgot my speaker’s pass

No worries, it must be in my bag somewhere I always keep it in this pocket I’ll know it when I see the docket Except, of course, my bag’s not here

It seems I have some time to kill I will go get my pass from home Well curious, my keys are gone What else? Did I forget about the grill?

Is my apartment even locked? I have no way to get in now I may as well go back and plea To let me in with no degree

I will to be admitted in! Oh ma'am, we skipped your turn There was no time. We’ll send you a certificate online.

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