I’ve sacrificed so much .. Mentally Physically & Emotionally
I’ve sacrificed so much ..



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mutedvoice143 I write when life gives me the 💙💙💙🥺
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Just a look inside my head the past few days.. 😔 young wife & mother.. struggling to find peace.

I’ve sacrificed so much .. Mentally Physically & Emotionally

From my child bearing body, to the gray hairs in my head.. to the dry red eyes, to the wishes of being dead.. to the painful memories, to the thoughts I come up with due to distrust..

to the anxiety, to the depression.. to the countless sleepless nights..

It all makes me feel like I’m loosing my fight for life

I smile on the outside but on the inside I’m crying.. screaming…. dying……

I wanna give up but I also don’t wanna be a statistic so I pretend to be happy sometimes to make my dreams seem realistic

I don’t know how much more I can take I don’t know how many other occurrences I can shake..

I’m tired of the embarrassment & fed up with the disrespect but if I say something I’m crazy, I’m seeing stuff, & once you’re mad & yelling.. you tell me there’s nothing else to dissect.

So I stay quiet

Silent screams & loud cries, bloody red eyes..

Yea sure the relationship is saved & you get to keep your pride ….

But I’m not allowed to feel things, I’m not allowed to express myself ..

So my heart & mind are fried ..

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