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Miracles Do Happen

By: Mustaquim Ahmad

The Letter

by Mustaquim Ahmad

Once in while, we all feel very blessed. We feel tranquil in moments that we can never imagine it can occur. The moments belong to all of us, all through the universe.

It carries memories and subtle pleasure in our hearts.

Again there are moments that disturbs us. That agility and awkwardness of some moments declare a war between head and heart. We neither avoid it nor we can accept it.

Joe, a college boy, who had lived his entire life in a zone where, moments are just a word for him. He never had a family nor a loved one.

He engaged himself with the stupidity of writing, truly speaking, writing letters. He looked for addresses far from his place on the internet and wrote letter to those people.

Sounds creepy right !

But the magic of moments happened with him with this stupidity of his.

One day, he found a letter for himself and it was from a person whose name is not written, like he does to his letter.

The letter was so touching and immense that he couldn't resist himself from a drop of tears and a slight of smile on his chin.

He thought, no one is that stupid in this whole world like him. He found himself a companion, someone who is like him. He was excited and he just rushed to find out who the person is.

He ran to the post office and showed them the letter he had but no one could help. His desperation was seen by a man and he helped him out to find the place whence the letter came.

It didn't take much to know the place. But, will it solve his issue? He asked himself and found it tough to know the person who sent the letter.

It was from the capital and the capital as you know is full of addresses.

He began a thought and didn't want to avoid the one person he thinks, thinks like him. It took him about so many short letters for over years. He did not get a reply anytime soon.

He became hopeless and agonised. But he didn't give up. He finally wrote to every single addresses he could and waited, waited long.

He always checked, some came with replies he found slanging him and telling him psycho. He never did mind but waited.

It was a winter afternoon. Bit chilly and snowy. He heard a voice calling his name from the street down below. With sleepy eyes and rumbling voice, he walked across the window and there she was.

He never had a friend nor a close relative who would happen to visit him. So he was not sure if she was calling on him.

He went down, saw the girl with a letter in her hand. He looked in her eyes and she was walking right towards him.

Joe was a bit trembled but with a smile like that, he certainly felt something is going to happen.

"Selene, My name is Selene", she talked.

Joe was not supposed to know her but the excitement in her eyes told so many things that he was waiting for.

"Is this a letter you wrote?", she asked nervously.

Joe took a glimpse and he was just blown away after all this years.

He replied with a smile, "My name's Joe and yes, this is my letter to find you Selene"

And that's how they met after all these years!

The moment they met was for a lifetime and they looked back since. Moment that Joe and Selene created for themselves is that moment which can never be diminished.

They had so many times together, so many common things between together. They wrote letters every now and then.

They met, they wrote and they fell in love and they fell hard !!!!!

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