Keeping the Darkness at Bay Part 6
Keeping the Darkness at Bay

Part 6 olicity stories

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After Slade's invasion comes the emotional fallout.

Part 6: Oliver and Felicity settle in at the manor.

Keeping the Darkness at Bay Part 6

The ride from the hospital was quiet, both Oliver and Felicity lost in their respective thoughts for the entire trip and both rather thankful for the serenity of the silence allotted to them after the chaos of the invasion.

The Queen mansion was dark and deserted when Oliver pulled the rental car up to the drive, and Felicity realized that there may not actually be anyone employed on the grounds anymore due to the family's recent financial pitfalls.

They passed that spot on their way inside, the spot where their plan to fool Slade had been set in motion. That spot where certain things had been said that she was now forcing herself not to dwell on, still fearing to hope for any truth in words which had needed to be said for the sake of the mission.

They'd both played their parts so well that even the tactician that was Oliver's former spec-ops friend had been played, putting Felicity in the prime position to take the advantage of the Mirakuru away from the madman.

Neither she nor Oliver had made comment on how they were both quite terrible liars. That their plan had worked so flawlessly against this particular enemy was telling on a level that neither of them were quite ready to face yet.

They soon came to a large and spacious room that was easily larger than the sum of Felicity's entire apartment. It had probably once been decorated with warm and elegant--and likely terrifyingly expensive--furnishings with large french windows lining the eastern-facing wall that looked out over the grounds.

But, now the walls were bare and the floor was bereft of lavish rugs, empty of all but two couches covered in white sheets to keep the dust away, that hinted this had once been some sort of living space. If the room had once been elegant, one could hardly tell aside from the crown moldings.

The emptiness of the space, exaggerated by how much larger it seemed, now reflected almost perfectly the shell of a life Slade had left one of the best men Felicity had ever personally known. Because Oliver had almost nothing left. His mother was dead. Thea was gone. He was financially broke with no job.

In that moment, she thought that perhaps Oliver didn't want to be alone either.

Oliver left briefly and returned with two pillows under one arm and a bundle of fabric in the other hand. “You’re about as small as Thea is,” he offered in explanation, “and these are the best thing I could find that didn’t cross over into… awkward territory.”

For both parties, surely, because Felicity had to agree that wearing his sister’s sleepwear would indeed be just that. She was surprised to find the simple--but surely expensive--sweats and a tank-top as part of the fashionable youngest Queen's wardrobe but accepted them graciously.

“Do you have a preference?” Oliver asked then and, at her curious look, he indicated the two couches. He would be sleeping in that room too, it seemed. "Oh, uh... No." Honestly, they looked the same to her.

Felicity changed in the--luxurious guest--bathroom and opted to leave her bra on to avoid making the situation any more awkward on the off-chance that the manner might get chilly at night. She then returned to the sitting room to find both couches now dressed with a pillow and a blanket each.

Oliver was seated atop his bedding with a faraway look in his eyes. He looked up when she entered, however, and glanced down at her newly donned and borrowed clothing. His jaw shifted as she sat down on the couch opposite his. She knew that look.

“What’s wrong?” Oliver turned his eyes away and Felicity saw his adam’s apple bob noticeably as he swallowed thickly. “I know she was leaving town when I called, and I’m thankful she was out of the danger zone, but… A part of me was still expecting to find her here.”

Felicity's heart ached for him. This man who spent his days fighting crime had had so much taken from him. She understood why Thea had wanted to leave, but she would be lying if she said she wasn't a little bitter towards the girl.

Understandable reasons for leaving or no, Oliver needed his sister right now. She should be here. That being said, despite how estranged the siblings had become, they were family and Felicity had this inexplicable gut feeling that they would all see Thea Queen again someday.

“She’ll come back, Oliver," she said and he looked back at her. She knew she had no way to predict the future and tell him with absolute certainty that this would happen, the the gentle confidence in her words seemed to give him some peace, the harsh lines around his eyes softening.

Felicity wasn’t sure how long exactly they remained like that, locked in one of those lingering stares that caught her breath. She was fairly certain she had counted nearly a dozen beats of her heartbeat before Oliver softly cleared his throat and turned away, breaking the hushed spell that had befallen them, to stand from his rigid seated position.

Felicity situated herself as the man crossed the room to the light switch and she heard him shuffle his way back in the dark to settle on his own couch. She found herself staring up at the dark ceiling then, wondering how she’d felt so tired moments before when she certainly didn’t now with only a few feet separating them.

And when he offered a quiet, “Goodnight, Felicity,” however different it was from any circumstances she’d ever dared to envision, the words still made her heart skip a beat, and the blonde sucked in a calming breath. A little breathless, she could only whisper back a soft, “Goodnight, Oliver."

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