ADDICTING PART 1 Written and created by: Autumn C.


                 PART 1

Written and created by: Autumn C. romance stories
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Ever had that feelingl that everything was too perfect? Ever craved excitement and adventure?

ADDICTING PART 1 Written and created by: Autumn C.

Audrey It was around midnight on a cold, silent winter day.

Not much could be heard a part from the crackling flames in the fireplace downstairs, which not only made the house warm and cozy, but it gave off the smell of burning pine,

a smell that Audrey found to be soothing. The house was quiet today, as it was every Wednesday, Friday, and Monday whenever Travis wasn't there.

More often than not, his work either called him in for a later shift, or used him as a replacement should someone be absent from work. Audrey really shouldn't complain...

he bought her nice things, like jewelry, clothing, and electronics, and he really was nurturing and sweet whenever he was around...

but it was the moments when he wasn't there that really made her think. Could she really be in a relationship with someone that was hardly around..? It was that thought that lingered in her mind when Travis came home later that night, covered in sweat and dust. His curly black locks stuck to his forehead and his crystal blue eyes were surrounded by a sleepy fog.

Even sweaty and dirty...he was beyond a doubt the sexiest man she had ever seen. And as shallow as it sounds, that's exactly what had made Audrey notice him, want to know him. Their relationship had developed quickly, going from the ocassional rendezvous in his house to going out every other day to a movie or nice dinner. It was one of those rare times when a hook-up turned into a meaningful relationship.

They had actually both agreed at the beginning that sex was sex, no deep meaning or anything behind it. They had had fun without really meaning to develop feelings, without knowing or even contemplating it. But like two pieces of an ancient puzzle, they had come together to make something much more bigger than the two of them.

"Audrey?" Travis said, as though he had said it more than once. She must have zoned out a little. Smiling sheepishly, Audrey came back to reality and focused all her attention on Travis. "Yes, Trav?" He had a can of pepsi in his left hand, the watery drops slipping down the sides. He must have just gotten it out, Audrey thought. "You were looking at me funny." He responded, pulling the tab to the can back with his index finger and taking two big gulps of the caffeinated beverage.

Travis He watched as Audrey tried to explain her weird gaze towards him, practically seeing the gears turning behind her eyes. She had been acting a bit off for the past couple of weeks now, but with work being as hectic as it was, he never really had the time to really sit down and just talk to her.

He sipped leisurely at his can of pepsi, the quiet in the room going from pleasant to uncomfortable very fast. He would wait only a few moments more before setting his can of soda down on the kitchen counter and walking towards his beloved girlfriend, who was looking extremely sweet and gorgeous in a simple sundress with watermelon patterns and a pair of sandals with gems decorating the straps and sides, the very pair he had bought her for her birthday a few months back.

He would reach his hand towards her face, grasping her delicate chin in the palm of his hand and pulling it up so that her dazzling blue eyes were staring straight into his. "Tell me what the problem is, cupcake." He said in a soothing tone, using his affectionate pet name for her. This time, the silence only lasted a few seconds, and her response was: "I think we should break up.."

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