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Some of the poems are rather more serious than random.... These poems I wrote are for people who need them and I suppose those who are bored.


Some of the poems are rather more serious than random.... These poems I wrote are for people who need them and I suppose those who are bored.

Once lost can come back: You do the same thing everytime You sneak up on me Next, you capture me Release me? hopefully sometime Third, you take everything from me and leave me nothing yet keep me for awhile Lastly, once you release me, I get everything back

Fix this: We have a dangerous world I mean would you call a place with nuclear bombs and people who can backstab and turn their backs on each other safe? A place of murders and serial killers? A place of lunatics that are crazy to a whole new level? A place of bullies? A place of harassers? A place of abusers? A place of molesters? Ect. You get my point We need to fix this and together It takes more than 1 person and a poem We need to fix this worldwide and not just in one area We need to unite as one together and fix this To make life easier, better, and safer

One Can Wish and Hope: There's more ways to resolve things then just fighting There's more important things than fighting It's very doubtful that we'll ever have it but one can hope We're gonna need more than one hope We need billions of hope from all around the world After all this is about WORLD peace World peace.... hmmm where all countries/kingdoms all get along with each other My oh my, world peace sounds awesome, a place where I wanna be But unfortunately, not every country gets along nor the world we in

Social Media? More Like Distraction and Life Ruiner: Yes, I can keep you updated on who's doing what But I'm not always a good distraction though I wish people only used me for good and not to cyberbully and make life miserable (more miserable) Why can't people just care about oneself as if they were that person (If positive) But unfortunately people can be cruel, brutal, abusive, demented, crazy (in a bad way), controlling, ect But thankfully there's people that are caring, safe, sane, considerate, ect Though I'm tired of all if this I can't take anymore and it's about time to do something about it besides letting people get caught doing wrong and that won't even always stop the person Which is why I'm doing it I'm shutting down myself to try to stop cyberbully and hopefully prevent all bullying

To be...: "I just want a different life!" To be happier To be slimmer To be popular To have more friends To have a happy life Please don't wish to be someone else. Your past is what helped form your personality. Who you wish to be could have a giant well put on facade while went though and probably still going through worse than you. Being popular isn't always great. Being slimmer doesn't always mean you're happier. Just because you have a so called happy life doesn't mean you're happy. Just because you may have a lot friends doesn't mean you won't become/can't be lonely.

Ouch: Uh oh, I see that we're touching again Again? well that's not good Remind me to be more careful Can you please tell Air to stop being mean It has happened multiple times I'm sure it's not the last time See you well meet you again soon

Stuck In Deep: I'm searching There's a lot of you you have different styles and types I've found you at last I'm intrigued Once I start, I can't stop Oh it's the end, well let's find the next one

Social Anxiety: feel like they're all staring at me , once in a while Not to mention if I say something wrong while attention is on me On that note I'm not a normal/typical teenager/person I'm more comfortable being quiet, out and away from attention Sometimes there's more to my quietness Half to majority of the time it's just an empty mind An other half of the time I just don't feel like speaking and I mean physically speaking "Be quiet!!!!" Says another. Don't have to tell me twice let alone once

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