The truth about me..
The truth about me.. insecure stories

musical_mutt YouTube: Lollie Queen Of Boops
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The truth about me..

I will now reveal the truth about me...

All this will make you unfollow me. You will block me also.

You will leave depressing hate comments.


I...i don't think I've ever mentioned I'm deaf in one ear. Whhen talking to people, I don't understand what they say, and then they repeat themselves then say "ughhh nevermind -_-"

* sigh* Should I go further...I...

One of my eyebrows is sister noticed first...and she mentioned it and it hurt. I looked in the mirror and noticed.

These are literally my eyebrows...

I'm ashamed of it...

I also....ok, fine..I'll say it..

I have very pale skin, and while you may know this know..Everyone at school mentions it, and I'm sunburnt bad...going to doc tomorrow because I can't walk...

I have to get braces soon. My teeth are...ughhhhhhhhh i need to SHUT UP!

Ugh, I'm gonna listen to my favorite songs...bye..........

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