The day I lost you
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(Tw=one character kills themselves and another has thought of it) Rex and Wild Cat, as well as Liberty aren't in this story because they didn't really fit into it. But they'll get one later.

The day I lost you

Skye looked at the lookout, admiring it. She had always loved her home, and never wanted to lose it. She loved the human and pups who inhabited it more, though. But the lookout sheltered the puos, and the boy who cared for them.

Skye smiled at the lookout and didn't notice her crush, Chase. He was walking her way. They weren't awkward, they'd already confessed, but they weren't ready to date just yet.

"Hey, Skye!" Chase exclaimed. Skye's attention went to him. " Oh! Hey, Chase! "

"I was going to go over to the jungle with Marshall. Wanna come?"

"Of course! " Skye yipped and did a backflip of course.

At the jungle, Tracker greeted them. "Hola, pups! Glad to see you!"

The four went on the trail, when Marshall, who was last in line, saw a snake behind Chase.

"Chase!" Marshall jumped in front of the snake and it bit him.

" Marshall!? " Skye screamed as he hit the ground.

Chase was in shock. He layed down and cried. "Marshall? You saved me-"

Tracker hugged Skye who was crying. Chase stood up and ran off.

"Chase!" Skye ran after him.

Tracker sighed, and went back to his place, carrying Marshall in his mouth.

Skye couldn't find Chase anywhere. She was lost in the woods.

Her screaming attracted Zuma, who found Skye screaming.

"Skye?! What's happened now?" Zuma panicked.

"Marshall saved Chase from a snake and Chase ran off in guilt!"

Zuma was shocked. "It k-killed M-Marshall...!!!???"

Skye nodded. They looked down and mourned silently.

Chase, meanwhile, was in the woods a mile from Skye and Zuma. He had his net. He realized this wouldn't do it. He called Ryder.

"I need scissors Ryder! I need them now!"

" it's late, Chase! Come back home! "

"I need this today! I need to this now!"

" No! No scissors until tomorrow! Now come home! " Ryder was surprised by Chase's tone.

Chase hung up furiously.

Chase turned off his GPS tracker, so no pup would find him. "It's my fault he's gone!" His head was yelling " HIS SACRIFICE WILL BE BROKEN IF YOU DO THIS! "

Chase sighed. He found a rope.

Skye and Zuma gave up and went home.

After Ryder figured out what happened...

"Come on, Skye!" Ryder said. " go to sleep, pups! "

Skye followed Ryder. They looked around but found nothing. They heard a scream.

They followed the sound and found Ella and Tuck looked at Chase.

"CHASE?!?" Skye cried. She wanted to kill herself now, but she had to break this death chain.

Skye cried. Ella stood beside her and held paws. Tuck held Ella's paw then held Ryder's who held Skye's other paw. In their circle, they howled.

"My first pup-" Ryder sighed.

The next day, Everest and Skye cried most at the funeral, which was combined.

The music was the Friendship song. Skye remembered her and Chase's memories.

Everest stared at Marshall 's body and kisses him.

Skye sighed and does the same to Chase.

Tuck and Ella stood outside with Skye afterwards.

"Skye, you saw it all happen!" Tuck sighed.

Ella got an idea. " stay with us! "

Skye accepted, and Everest tagged along.

At the lookout, Ryder and the pups donated Marshall and Chase's stuff.

Rubble slept all day, Rocky and Zuma talked all day, and Tracker, who was staying with them that day, just sat with Ryder.

The twins and Skye and Everest just talked. Tuck had a crush on Skye.

Tuck had shrunk himself to avoid contact.

The next day, Skye had went back home.

She had noticed Tuck at the sleepover and called Ella.

"Yea ,he likes you!"

Skye gasped. "But..I don't like him!"

Ella cringed. " Tuck! " She had yelled to him.

"Did he hear tha-" and Ella hung up.

Skye felt bad.

Skye decided to fly to their house.

Ella saw Skye in the air. "Help!"

Skye flew down and saw Tuck with a gun. " it's you or me! "

"You can't!" Skye shouted and stood in front of Ella.

" I'm.....shooting myself! "

Ella shouted. "No! And you're not shooting Skye, either!"

Tuck was shaking. He pointed it at himself.

Ella grew as big as she could and held a paw over Skye. " do it and I'll stomp her! " She lied.

"No! Fine...." Tuck put it down and Ella smashed it.

Skye hugged him. "I only liked Chase..."

When Skye went back to the lookout, Zuma and Rocky were fighting.

" Rocky! What happened to the old you! You were kind but now you won't talk to me! I want the old you back "

"He's gone!" Roocky yelled and bit him.

" Rocky? Zuma? Are you two -"

"Yes, Skye!" Zuma shouted. Hee ran off.

Skye thought this day was weird.

(Part Two soon!)

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