Skye commits murder
Skye commits murder funny stories

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Paw Patrol is insane series #1,
Liberty, Rex, Wildcat, and Tracker don't exist in this AU.

Skye commits murder

( skye is paying me to change the title and narrate the story, she'll kill me if i didn't edit this stuff)

Skye is bored because she lives with boys.

No, there's no problem with boys, I have friends who are boys, but you never met the boys Skye lives with.

Chase has a crush on Skye and so does Zuma so they fight all the time and it's not fun,to watch.

Rubble sits in front of the TV all day to watch Apollo while eating. Why? Because Rubble has no life.

Rocky has no,life either except he just eats vegatables all day.

Also Zuma is the Guardian of the Sand™. don't ask, please.

Skye realized the boys were not at the beach so she went with Everest who acts like a boy to the beach.

But Zuma, the Guardian of the Sand™, was there guarding sand.

"Your job is unimportant, your argument is invalid, your face is trash, and your life doesn't exis." Skye smiles. Everest runs off

Skye slaps Zuma and then grabs a gun.

"Do I need to end your life?" She happily shoots him.

Zuma probably isn't dead, and he's not under the sand he was guarding. Totally not.

Skye walks off but finds Chase who is about to kiss him.

Skye let him but only because she uses her gun to shoot him.

He's alive, OBVS. You know, he's ( um) you know....used to it (?)

Skye totally didn't kill him, and totally never tossed the body onto the sand pile that Zuma isn't under. 😊

Well, Skye walks off and throws her gun somewhere.

She runs into Marshall and has an idea.

Skye has a banana peel and she yeets it at him and he totally never broke his neck.

Chase isn't dead of course....he won't find the evidence though idk.

Skye totally doesn't have to kill Everest, Rocky, Robo-dog, or Ryder. or Rubble.

Skye is in the Lookout, and throws Rocky to drown in the water. Off course he came back up!

He's totally breathing on the surface, not lying dead there. 😃

Skye scared Ryder and found a way to solve it.

"Here, I'll help you forget how I never killed that pup!"

Ryder isn't dead obviously. She would never.

Ok, so Rubble is left to not die.

The others went to get milk. They never died.

Oh, Rubble can't watch TV anymore....he...uh...he's.....alive of course

You know, I'm gonna go let Skye pay me.I Oh, you forget she was paying me to write this story?

Skye's at your door, you better answer it. Itt's easier to do the easy way. Skye: If you scream, nobody will hear you!

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