Paw Patrol MV-A final goodbye
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musical_mutt πŸ’”βœ¨in the name of love!βœ¨πŸ’”
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random song i made for my animated paw patrol series which u cant watch bc i will never share it uwu
Song sung by Skye, Tuck, Ella, Marshall, Rocky, Chase, and Rubble.

Paw Patrol MV-A final goodbye

Skye: I wish I never had to say this But I enjoyed that first kiss

Tuck: *rolls eyes* Trust me, kid. We all know you did.

Ella: *puts paw around Tuck* We won't forget But ...we are upset

Marshall: (Why?) We'll miss you guys

Rubble: While you're in a mood I'll..just eat food

Chase: We all have ways to cope And we won't give up hope

Rocky in tears: And...we'll never forget All..the time that we spent. *sobs and wipes eye with paws and closes his eyes*

Skye: *puts paws around Rocky and sighs* But I'm afraid...

Skye and Rocky: *look up and sing at the same time* This is our last goodbye!

Tuck and Ella: (Tuck is crying) I never knew how much time would fly! Ella: (it's ok tuck)

Marshall and Chase: Cross my heart-

Rubble: -and hope to die!

Skye and Rocky: I will always remember!!

Chase and Marshall: Goodbye Ella!

Skye and Rocky: Goodbye, Ella!

Tuck and Ella: (Hugs all the pups) Tuck: Hey Chase?

Chase: Hm?

Tuvk: You know Skye? Don't sella' Ella: Feed her nutella!

Chase: O_O Skye: πŸ˜•

*tuck and ella race off as they run off into the sunset*

Rocky and Marshall: *tears in their eyes, as they start to cry. marshall nuzzles his head under Rocky's)

Skye and Chase: This is our final goodbyyyyee!!

Rubble: I never knew how much time would fly byyyyyyy!!

Marshall and Rocky: Cross my heart-

Chase and Skye: -and hope to die!


Skye: I must go now Chase: Let's take a howl. (Howwwlll!!)

Marshall: Please don't go yet! Rocky: We can't forget!

Skye: Goodbye, my pups! CHhase: Good luck! (They rum off together)

Rubble: Not you guys, too!

Rocky: I gotta go with Marshall! Marshall: Cya, Rubble!

*Rubble is left alone there* Rubble:* looks at the collars they had left* *places his in the middle and smiles while crying*

Rubble runs into the sunset, and then.. The end! 😁

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