Okay, I will tell you everything.
Okay, I will tell you everything. ted talk stories

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Ted Talk Time

Okay, I will tell you everything.

Yes, I may be doing better..but..

I'm going through friend drama, along with school. I might have a crush, don't mention it, because I don't think I do. I never have had one before...and he hates me....

I'm doing way better, but sometimes I just want to cry. It's going away because of...

*sigh* It's my anxiety that screwed it all up.

I can't sleep or even think straight without my anxiety beating me up. I hate it so much...

I feel like my in real life friends hate me.

One of my friends who I will call C, she calls me stuff I don't like. She gets upset at me and she rides my bus. I have known her for a while, and she says she doesn't hate me.

But I never believed it. I told her I was moving (prank) and she cried on the phone, so maybe she is not a fake friend.

My other friend G, she has been my BFF forever. But recently we haven't got along the best. It gets worse with L who litterally hates me.

And then my other friends BR and S don't hate me at all. S might be my new BFF.

I DON'T KNOW WHAT To DO! Im so sad, upset, anxious, stressed, and just can't handle it.

Then, my issue at school. Nobody knows that I like MLP and Bluey, except G and C.

This kid I hate named Logan saw my bookbag(he is so weird, more on him later) and said "Bluey is a baby show!

" And C said " Well you like FNAF (no offesne to anyone) and draw her characters but FNAF style and you believe in Sirenhead and Cartoon Cat! "

I don't like drama...that's why I quit. i really needed a break.

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