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musical_mutt 11 | silent but deadly
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had a bad day today.....i explained at the end


memories of my worst days come back to me i never had any like the time when i won the spelling bee some of these even happened to me today after them it felt like my life is forever gray

memories of my friends before our friendship ends we would all be yelling the last words would always be from the one kid who says "i'm telling"

memories of screaming the friend that i stopped being friends with is beaming wait its me that's screaming look at me, im litterally steaming

memories of tears they have lasted years well i cant be forever sad this is very bad

memories of fights this isn't right this isn't okay it will be someday...

memories of getting mad when i get too sad me being a bad friend i didn't mean to offend

memories that haunt me every dream i have is a nightmare i swear you should beware of me

to be honest, i'll tell you why this post even exists

so, on the bus today, we were going home. my friends donald, nevaeh, ansley, and i were talking

ansley's brother rhylee and donald are roasting each other. so i roasted both of them to grt them to stop

well, soon everyone was fighting

one kid named landon drew something about me which made me mad i ripped it in half and ansley and landon were talking to each other whispering

my friend cheyenne who im not friends with anymore for a reason got mad at us and i told her to shut up

and i screamed at landon to shut up and then i wrote everyone notes telling them i was sorry for losing it and being a bad friend and that to write back and dont talk to me

so don't talk to me

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