I know a practical "town" of super unique cats
I know a practical "town" of super unique cats town stories

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I know some unique cats. I myself have a Grumpy Cat,and I know a cat with extra toes. And then my aunt owns a cat like you've never seen before.

I know a practical "town" of super unique cats

3. Dorito the Grump

I own an orange tabby cat named Dorito and I've had him forever. I have made a post about him on an other account of mine

He has Grumpy Cat's eye except they're yellow but he is smiling so it gives him a funny look on his face Like this emoji 😏

I will have to take a picture of him since the only picture I have of him if him in a tree and that picture is literally lost since I have 3,036 pictures (no,really.), He has like so many names. We call him things from Azrael (think smurfs) to Mr.Grumpz

2. (Forgot her name) the Polydactyl cat

My friends have a lot of cats and one of those is a Polydactyl cat

A Polydactyl cat has extra toes and this one has lots and lots of toes

Unfortunately I have zero pictures so unlike browsing through mine for three days looking for one of Dorito well he to wait

1. The most unique cat you'll ever meet: Kit-Kat

Kit here is my aunt's cat and she has an interesting story behind her

So Kit is a tabby and she is a hunter

Kit got tangled in something years ago and my mom had to save her

And this meant losing her tail so now she has a little tail

So you thought that was the interesting thing? No. It actually wasnt

The interesting thing happened most recently

Well,something attacked her and she lost an eye. Her younger is now hanging out like she's Lil BUB or soemthing. Her jaw is like totally ruined. It's a bit hard to describe but this cat is something you've never seen before

And I don't have a picture but I'm probably gonna see my aunt this week so I can get one

Cat of the day #1: Chase with no face

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