Everything is Hopeless
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musical_mutt 11 | silent but deadly
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Everything is Hopeless

I think I'm the ultimate cause of depression, seriously, all of my friends are sad and I want to help but I can barely help myself and it seems hopeless, i want to help but I can't and I just feel stupid

I suck people's happiness away and replace it was sadness, normally wouldn't agree with @the_punchingbag but...he's...riiight..

And still I've been depressed since MAY and was only happy for SEVENTEEN MINUTES so it is really HOPELESS

And in those seventeen minutes my friend was sad and I refuse to feel happy when one of my friends are sad since I literally love my friends more than I love myself

Besides that, I'm done. This community is now extremely toxic! You have this really weird user known as @paradoxmadness to @the_punchingbag and so many more and I'm sick of it.


Even worse, I try to get in touch with @sydney or @commaful but it takes three months for them to respond and most of the time I never get a response

I'm also seriously tired of my friends joking about either leaving and deleting their account or killing themself because that's totally not something you should joke about and this goes for everyone.

I'm sad a lot for a lot of reasons, I had that funeral today and lost it when the preacher guy mentioned me.

There's been so many deaths of loved ones and people in close to, this is probably the worst one so far. Still can't believe it.

I'm probably being a fool right now and acting like the victim and always acting like the victim but I don't get why people are so MEAN to me sowmtimes. Is it because I try to defend my friendss? Anyway I don't deserve friends because I drag them into these fights and I blame it on someone else but seriously I'm sorry for it, please just don't be my friends anymore I'm a bad friend

I probably would be better off because I give my friends trouble and annoy them so just stop being my friend

My literal catchphrase is "I'M SORRY" I say it way too much it proves im a bad friend so I can only say one thing...

I'm sorry. Goodbye..

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