Don't stay on his side!
Don't stay on his side! lojsshjsjsjsjsj stories

musical_mutt 💔✨in the name of love!✨💔
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First post wouldn't work so.....

Don't stay on his side!

I have screenshots! He did aploigize but it's fake, and I'm the only one who knows it! He acts nice but he's actually not!

They tried to make me more depressed also, but claim they too have depression.

Them: i was gonna make you log out forever but bc of tasidr im not Me: why would you do that you realize what that can do to someone

Them: im sorry i said Me: cant accept that yet bc i have learned my lesson

Them: sike why would i suffer from depression Bye Bye b***h!

Me: let me help you you dont have to suffer but fine it'll get worse so e njoy your pathetic life

Them: ok i umm have a crush on you SIKE I dont Me: you probably do but ppl who act like you are unlikeable also why are you follow ing my account and why do you hate me anyway

Get exposed dude. @lojsshjsjsjsjsj

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