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try to ignore this
it has 666 pages

Dear Whoever Reads This,

Hello. I realized that I don't even know if I would rather have people like me or hate me.

After an hour of thinking about it, I chose even though I think almost all of us would rather by liked by everyone, it seems for me, in my opinion, that it'd be more right if almost everyone hated me.


Well, let's see..I do get myself into a lot of fights

For example, I wasn't even part of the whole @synergy thing until I commented on one of his posts about it being fake (looong story, but if you're willing to scroll through my stories you might find some stuff about it)

Anyway there's a lot of negative things about me.

That's why you need to stop reading this, decide to hate me, and go show someone you love them if they deserve it because I dont.

And trust me, there's people out there who deserve more love them I get.

Still here? Okay.

Maybe you're wondering, "But don't you miss your old happy life?"

You can't miss what you never had, so no. I do not miss it because I never had it or don't remember it

However, I do believe I became more sadder when I joined, due to bullies, fake friends, etc,etc..

So, I'm going to take a week long break that I really seem to need.

Now, let's go back to where I said why I would rather have people hate me more then like me.

Well, when I said "almost everyone hate me," that's because I do need two or three friends to stand up for me IF you listen to me and start hating me (Fun fact: you won't listen and never will)

So, NOW stop reading this post, go tell someone who deserves to be loved that you DO love them and start hating me because I don't deserve your followers, or your likes.

I don't deserve my friends either.

SO, before I go any further, I'm going to make this post boring so you'll finally leave. In fact, I was thinking of titling this "don't read" because some of you people NEVER listen and are stubborn so you always ignore the "important" posts and not the "don't read this" ones which end up being a stupid thing like the word "yee" and then it ends-

ok so that made no sense time to make this boring

You're still here aren't you....ok so I'm going to make it even more boring

It's three hundred pages and you're still here!!!

Okay, this is the four hundredth page, I think it's time you go do what I said.

I will end this on page 666 and this is page 580 so you've officially become even more stubborn then ever

It's page 666! This is the end, so now you can go and do what I said earlier.

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