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tbh i say 11+ for this story, it is super dark


Skye POV:

I woke up and heard fighting. What was going on? Did someone touch Rubble's potato chips again and now he's in a rage? I should probably check it out, but it may be dangerous.

I hear loud yelling now, and crying. I hear something hit the wall and make a loud thump to the ground. I hide in fear. I know what's happening.

Chase POV:

I was extremely mad at Marshall. He was being stupid again and crashed into my pup house. He broke my photo of me and Skye, I am so angry, I went to Marshall and threw stuff at him and threw him against a wall. This again? I wonder.

He starts crying and I hear someone walking towards me. I ran off and pretended to sleep in my pup house.

Zuma POV:

I was sleeping dreaming about being a surfer, but then i heard some screaming and sobbing so I went to the living room and saw Marshall lying on the floor bleeding. Rocky came right after me and fainted

Skye POV:

I worked up courage to go to the living room, and MARSHALL WAS LAYING LIFELESS ON THE FLOOR BLOODY!! Rocky was on the ground, passed out. I looked at Zuma, worried.

"What do you think happened?" I asked him.

" I...I have no idea, dude. I'm..I'm just sc-scared..., " he replied.

Chase POV:

I heard Zuma and Skye talking. I pretended to wake up and walked in the room and pretended to be surprised and scared.

"Oh my...What happened to Marshall???" I asked.

"No idea...d-dude, " Zuma said worried. I could tell he was scared, but then Skye looked at my fur.

"That's dry blood...Stay away from us!" Skye cried, looking at me. Zuma gulped.

I made a mad face at them and growled.

Skye POV:

I saw the blood in his fur. Zuma and I were scared to death. We...we were living with a murderer!

"Dude..s-stay away," Zuma yelped as Chase pounced at him.

" GET AWAY FROM HIM!!! " I yelled. I was furious. why was he trying to kill my friend?

Zuma POV:

I saw Chase pounce at me but then Skye moved me out of the way and took off. Without Rocky.

"Skye! We have to get Rocky!" I cried.

" It's too late! I need to save you then I will get him! " She said.

Rocky POV:

I woke up, and Chase was growling at me. I saw blood in his fur and ran.

I saw Zuma and Skye walking outside and ran to them.

Chase POV:

After Rocky ran off, I looked at Marshall again and dragged him outside and threw him into a river.

Now, I'm going to go kill Rubble, that fat lazy idiot! He is so babyish and ugly! I believe Skye and Zuma are a couple now, and she most likely broke up with me. Zuma is ugly anywau, and Rocky is just weird.

The only cute one IS Skye, and me, of course.

Skye POV:

We saw MARSHALL floating down the river behind the lookout. I had enough and called Ryder.

"What's up, Skye?" Ryder said.

" Ryder! Chase was beating Marshall and killed him, and he pounced at Zuma! Luckily, he is okay, but I am worried! He threw Marshall in that river and I bet he is after Rubble nex--"

I heard a loud noise. And a scream.

"RUBBLE!!!!!" We yelled.

Ryder POV:

I found Chase and told him he was kicked off. I got his collar and tag, so now he's a stray . I can't believe we only have three pups now.

Zuma POV:

I have nightmares of Chase killing my friends and I. I love Skye and Rocky is my best friend! They are bith best friends and I am lucky to have them

I know Chase likes Skye now more then ever, so I will protect her for now.

Chase POV:

I was not leaving her! I went back that night to kidnap her.

I know she will love me again and never think,of the others.

Skye POV:

Where am I??? I woke up in the woods and then saw CHASE.

"You are gonna love me forever. Forget about the other's, join me and we can kill them," he said.

" No! Never! " I yelled.

I know what Chase will do to me now..

Zuma POV:

Skye has been missing for days. I miss her. Rocky is sick, and Ryder said we are not PAW Patrol anymore. I am sad becquse I will miss missions.

Rocky POV:

I miss Skye! Zuma is like depressed now.

Skye POV;

I was sad that night. It rained, so I sang a song I made up for Zuma.

"🎶 Oh, I couldn't take the pain. I felt like I was homeless in the rain. All my hopes had went down the drain. Slower and slower, i was going insane. What was getting smaller and smaller? My brain. I wanted to get hit by a train

"🎶i was so tired of trying I felt like I was dying I kept on crying I am not lying

"🎶All i needed is love Oh yeah All i needed was love

"🎶Walking down the street last week Was wearing my frown But then I met you Annd it turned life and my frown upside down Here i stand, wearing my crown I didnt let the sadness get me down In my tears, i didnt drown Look at me now, oh yeah Look at me now-"

I got an idea.

Zuma POV:

I heard singing. It was a beautiful love song. I looked out the window, and saw Skye singing this song.

"Did you make that up?" I asked her.

" Yes. Just for you, " she replied.

I heard something hit the ground. Skye and I ran over to the sound and saw Rocky on the floor.

"Did..he..collaspe?" Skye cried.

" I...NOO, MY BEST FRIEND!! " I cried.

Rocky looked up at us and said

"Do not cry because I had to die. Laugh because I got to live. Laugh at every memroy we had together. It is my time to go, we all leave Earth one day. I will go to Heaven and you will too. Youre blessed, and I hope you stay that way. Skye and Zuma, love each other like you do now."

And then he passed out.

Skye POV:

Today was Zuma and my wedding. Yup. Ryder let us live on our own, with our new puppy named Scarlet.

I enjoyed telling her my story. My story where Zuma and I met. The story where I stood up to Chase, stayed brave, and wouldn't let him bring me down. The story where Zuma and I sang our song to each otherand her for bedtime. The story where there were good times, and hard times. This story. I call it " Broken", and I tell you. Zuma and Scarlet help me get through depression.

I knew..that in that horrible time, a miracle would come. My miracle was not Chase being kicked off. Or when he got eaten by a wolf. Or when Zuma and I got married or even met. It comes close. It was Scarlet and Zuma and my family.

I will pass this story down to Scarlet, who will pass it to her family. The story will live forever.

Zuma POV:

And the new generation will begin.

Look out for Part two soon, "Broken: A New Generation"

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