Beanie Boo Collection!
Beanie Boo Collection! beanie boo stories

musical_mutt 11 | silent but deadly
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they have made up ages , some dont have pics, art by me

Beanie Boo Collection!

-Slush Husky 12 Six inch

-Yips Unicorn Chihuahua 10 Six inch

Barley Chow Chow 13 (Deaf) Six inch

Buckwheat Lynx 15 Medium

Cinder Green Dragon 13 Six inch

Dotty Rainbow leopard 12 Six inch

Duke St. Bernard 12 Six inch

Fantasia Unicorn 13 Six inch (Lost)

Glamour Pink leopard 14 Medium

Icy Seal 10 (six inch) 15 (medium) Medium and six inch

Kiki Gray tabby cat with pink bow 12 6 inch (decapitated)

LaLa Lamb 15 Medium

Lindi Cat 13 6 inch

Pablo Chihuahua Dog chewed off it's nose 15 Medium

Patches Leopard 11 Six inch (Lost)

Pepper Tuxedo cat 12 Six inch Favorite!!

Phoenix Fennec fox 10 Six inch

Yang Cat 12 Six inch

Marcel Frenchie 11 Six inch

Chewey Chihuahua 10 Six inch



Rootbeer Dog 12 Lost his nose Six inch

Tracey Dog 15 Medium

The rest are six inches and 12

Sophie Cat

Specks Elephant

Squeaker Mouse holding cheese

Tasha Leopard Lost

Tauri British Calico cat

There's Pinky the pink owl, this white owl guy, there's Kipper the kangaroo, there's a lot more.

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