My Poor Sister
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My poor sister A shadow of her old self

My Poor Sister

My poor sister

A shadow of her old self

So full of hate and rage for the ones who hurt her

Hurt us...

Her heart used to beat with love

But now beats to the drum of revenge

There's nothing i can do to help her

I try to help her see the light through the darkness,

But she just hides deeper into it

Her only friends are the shadows and creatures of the night.

It's like she doesn't see me anymore....

The only time she pays attention to me is when he's around

She hates that i care about him and distrusts him.

She's wrong about him though.

He fills an emptiness inside of me, and makes me feel whole.

I'm filled and complete while my sister

My poor sister....

Each day

Another piece of her breaks off and shatters, unable to be fixed.....

I'm sorry Rose....

I couldn't help you....

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