My friend YamiKairi
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A story of what happened to a little girl before Christmas...

My friend YamiKairi

Entry 1# 10/11/2019

It started when i found a music box in the woods. It was beautiful, It had a shrine maiden that spun around when you opened it.

It had a strange mark engraved on one side but it seemed to make it even more special. I found a name on the bottom of the box.

'This belongs to YamiKairi' It was a strange name, maybe it was foreign? I took it home with me. My mum let me keep it and i put it next to my bed. It plays a lovely melody, i love it already.

Entry 2# 12/12/2019

I've been having a strange day. A girl in a long robe has been talking to me. On her head is the same strange mark i saw on the music box. She's really nice, she wants to be my friend.

I don't have many so i said yes. She said her name was YamiKairi and she's happy i found her music box. I asked her if she wanted it back but she said since we were friends we will share it.

I like YamiKairi.

Entry 5# 15/12/2019

I got bullied again at school. Maya says that i'm a loser. But YamiKairi hugged me and said that Maya will stop soon. YamiKairi told me a bit about herself.

She was born in Japan but a bad man set fire to her house. Then she felt cold and woke up, but no one could see her anymore. I asked how i could see her and she said because i had her music box.

I asked what happened to the bad man and she smiled and said, "He's asleep now. He got what he deserved.

Entry 6# 20/12/2019

Maya went to the hospital yesterday. She was found in the woods all bloody but she was alive. I'm glad she's ok. Mum didn't really pay attention to me today. She hit me again today.

She said i deserved it for ruining her life. YamiKairi didn't talk to me today. I'm really sad.

Entry 8# 24/12/2019

YamiKairi asked me what i wanted for Christmas. 'I want Mum to stop hitting me and fighting with Daddy' She smiled and said she'll grant my wish.

That made me happy! We played dolls and YamiKairi said goodnight and that in the morning my wish will be granted.


I finally have a body again. Finally, I'll grant your wish Mizu. I'll make your mother pay. Adults shouldn't hurt children. and I'll make sure they never do again. Don't worry my friend....

We'll make them ALL PAY.

Let's go give your mother her Christmas present. Don't worry. I won't use your body forever.....

Just until we make the Adults pay Mizu....

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